About us

Founded by doers, athletes and adventurers

Yes, we dreamt up the perfect way to work.

We want to reveal your deepest secret; and not only will we push it to come out, but we’ll help you structure it; make it look normal and design it with precision.
Get rid of your guilt. Let us introduce you to PuraWorka, a positive disruption through the perfect combination of work and life style.

An answer to the growing gig economy and the digital revolution.

Forget corporate HQs and the dictatorship of your kitchen’s fridge – the most beautiful spots on earth may well become your next CoWorking office — with all its side benefits.

Valais (Zermatt), Switzerland and Lombok, Indonesia will be our first two destinations!

Our « à la carte » services are customized & sustainable according to surrounding Elements. Decide which add-on you wish to enjoy from our dream locations, from a simple co-working (shared office) space to tasty food and beverages, thrilling sports & culture, stimulating workshops, comfy accommodation, secure transport, and much more. PuraWorka will democratize CoWorking!

A mission, a vision and a whole lot of passion.

Our mission is to shape work towards an art of living by giving people access to ecosystem Services in beautiful co-working destinations around the world.

Our vision is to leverage the digital revolution to foster a model community based on a sustainable and collaborative economy.

Sustainability at our core, to protect mother Earth.

Sustainability at our core means that we do everything in our power to stay as a vigilant and pro-active in the protection of our environment, such as:

Local inclusion and employment; sustainable building & operations; responsible sourcing of products and services; renewable energy; intelligent water management; smart mobility and carbon offsetting; waste management and circular economy; and finally local and healthy food.