Lombok, Indonesia

Opening Early 2018

The perfect office

Our accomodations offer state of the art eco-friendly co-working facilities, along with locally sourced food and beverages, high speed WIFI.

PuraWorka aims to rapidly spread to exciting destinations around
the world in line with its signature and values! Feel free to contact info@puraworka.com to propose new locations.

So many activities

We are here to work, but we’re also here to live. PuraWorka offers state of the art co-working quarters, along with a wide variety of activites. Activities are proposed for those who want to change their mind and relax (yoga, hikes) or for adrenaline seekers (surf, ski, mountain bike, rafting, etc). There is also the possibility of visiting local sites, archaeology, museums, landscapes, in order to push you forward, to reinvigorate your mind and to trigger new brain stimuli.

Locally sourced food and beverages will be available, as well as transport to all activities. Workshops will be offered for those who wish to pursue continued education, learn something new or simply collaborate with those who share your new home.