Coliving Sion

Work, have fun and enjoy Sion in a coliving lifestyle!

Coliving Sion

Work, have fun and enjoy Sion in a coliving lifestyle!

coliving sion

Coliving Sion at Hotel des Vignes

Stay in our lovely coliving Sion in the middle of the vineyards in Sion-Uvrier. Extend your stay in Sion in one of our flats. The coliving apartment is a five minute drive or train ride from Sion.

Coliving Sion Amenities

Classic Basics
  • High-Speed WiFi
  • Heating
  • Private apartment inside Hotel des Vignes
  • Printer/Scanner
  • Projector
  • Free access to the coworking space
  • Personal Lockers
  • Showers
  • Event Space For Rent


  • Bike Parking
  • 5 Minute Walk From St-Léonard Train Station
  • Free Drinking Water
  • Alcohol available for purchase
  • Hotel restaurant in option


Prices are per person.

    150 CHF

Discover our coliving in Sion at Hotel Des Vignes

You will work in a unique space as our coliving space in Sion is located in the Hotel des Vignes. All the coworking services are included for free when you book a stay in our coliving in Sion. As an option, you can take advantage of all the hotel’s services if you wish.

What is a coliving?

Coliving is a relatively new concept in the housing industry. It is a new form of housing, where people, who want to live in a smaller community, are able to combine their living space, so that they can live comparatively cheaper and more sustainable.

A form of shared housing

Coliving is a new form of shared housing and is growing very rapidly in recent years. Much like the concept of co-working, coliving is a way to solve housing problems in cities, where – especially young people – can no longer afford to pay in high rent and live alone in a small apartment.

Coliving is a new lifestyle

Coliving spaces are often designed with a lot of focus on sustainability and are often also very environmentally friendly. The typical coliving space is around 50 to 150 square meters, and between 4 and 8 people live in it. The residents share the kitchen and the bathroom, but most of them have their own room.

Discover & explore the Alps

Sion is the perfect destination for a holiday in the Swiss alps. It is situated in Valais, a mountainous region of southern Switzerland. The town of Sion lies on the north-eastern side of the Rhône valley. Sion is located at about 1,000 meters above sea level. The Rhône forms the natural border between Valais and France.

Sion is a well-known city

The town is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. Sion is called the ‘gateway to the Swiss alps’. It is located on the highway that connects the Rhône valley with the Simplon Tunnel and the Saint-Gothard road.

Sion is the capital of the canton Valais. It is the main town of the Rhône valley. Sion is a popular tourist destination and a center for the Swiss watchmaking industry.

Sion is the perfect destination for Skiers and golfers

Indeed, at 45 minutes from Sion by car, there are more than ten different ski slopes. And the golf course of the city of Sion is open nearly 300 days a year thanks to the very good weather.

A coliving aparment in the middle of the vineyards of Sion

Try something new by living for 1 week or 1 month in a 4 star hotel in the Swiss Alps.

Finally you will have free access to all the services of our coworking space in Sion which is an optimal place to work.

If you want to escape to the seaside we suggest you live a few weeks in our coliving space in Lombok, Indonesia.

COME IN A SUSTAINABLE WAY TO OUR COLIVING IN SION ! has prepared for us this wonderful map to take you to the PuraWorka coworking space at the Hotel des Vignes in Sion.

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