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Patagonia Repair Tiny House 13.01.22


The Scale of Hope – Film screening

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(im)Mobilité Vivre et bouger dans les alpes


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PuraWorka event 11.06.2021

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#Purafterworka: guinguette spirit for our AfterWork, celebrating a #NewStart #NewNorm #ReSet


☀️️#Sun 🎉#Fun💃 #Guinguette 🤟#Good Vibes

Gathering more than 100 people in the beautiful garden of Hotel Des Vignes in Sion, the theme of our first afterwork of the season was: guinguette.

A lot of people played the game and came up with a nice outfit to celebrate what was then a nice “art de vivre”. For those of you who are not familiar with guinguette, it describes a vintage way of enjoying summer in an open-air place with friends, drinks and music.


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🚀 Back to events

This afterwork was the first of a new type of event, cozy, trendy and intimate! We were so happy to bring back our community together and share positive vibes.

We can now finally enjoy the summer, outside, together!

☕ + 🍹 New partners to join the PuraWorka adventure 

What would be an outdoor event without music? We had a nice band and a really cool DJ  who played nicely whilst our guests were enjoying their cocktails… Speaking of drinks and beverages… We are really excited to announce new partners. Come and check them out.


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Check out their nice van and trucks.

You can enjoy a cup of coffee and try new drinks in our coworking space in Sion!

A special thank you also goes to our syrup partner, which were used for the cocktails. The PuraWorka mindset is also to adapt to any situation…that is what we did by providing each guest with a facial mask provided.



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💪 🤗 💙 Behind the scene: a massive thank you for our community help! 

We could not have run this event without the help of our coworkers, partners, friends, etc. To you all a huge thank you! From setting up the place, to helping us with welcoming our guests, to dismantling after the event you were there to support us, and we really appreciated it!

 💻☀️️ Keep in touch 

Please come along for a coffee, we would be more than happy to help you discover our coworking spaces in Sion and Zermatt.

Enjoy your summer, take care, your puraworka team


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PuraMind Zermatt OnLine 2020 #SlowLife: a theme that became relevant more than ever! Theme 2020: SlowLife

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At the end of 2019, before the world and our society took a new turn, the StartUp PuraWorka had already decided to opt
for SlowLife as the main thread of the event PuraMind 2020. The concept SlowLife seeks to decelerate the pace of our
modern life, at best becoming aware of its acceleration [FastLife].
This year online!

PuraMind 2020, initially planned over a whole weekend at the CoWorking PuraWorka of the new Hotel Mama Zermatt, had
to take a digital turn and will be held online in a shortened, and not faster, version on the morning of April 24, 2020.
The speakers, all entrepreneurs will discuss the integration of the concept SlowLife into their professional activities as well
as its “acceleration” during the current crisis. Nothing better to start the day than a Pilates session to boost your immune
system and breathe better.

PuraMind will then jump directly into the matter with the integration of the concept into new
organisational and working methods. The following session will deal with a key economic sector through SlowTourism.

Then, during times of Skyperos, participants will start being hungry with SlowFood, SlowDrink currently not conceptualised.
In conclusion, Sandrine Julen, Zermatt hotelier, will draw up lessons learned from the morning. Having grown up in Valais
and then traveled around the world, Sandrine Julen represents a generation coming from a family of mountaineers who
became entrepreneurs, now looking for a balance between these two notions of Fast / SlowLife.

For PuraMind 2020 online, Neil Beecroft, c-founder of PuraWorka, wishes to maintain and promote a strong interaction
between speakers and participants through the format ‘FishBowl’, a form of dialogue that can be used to exchange on
subjects in large groups, to discover this Friday, April 24, from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m CET.

PuraMind 2020 has already reached its goal of gathering as much from Valais, Switzerland and all around the
world. This became real through the current acceleration of digitalisation.


In order to participate in discussions on SlowLife,
don’t hesitate to join the debates, agenda below.
[Free] registrations

Friday April 24, 2020

  • 08:00 CET Introduction by PuraWorka [Neil Beecroft, Nicolas Fontaine, Juliantara i Wayan]
  • 08.05 Pilates session [Anita Locher, founder Zermatt Balance]
  • 09.00 Session 1: SlowLife and new organisational models [ Sophie Pogneau, founder Swiss Slow Life /
    Elisabete Fernandes, artistic director Loyco / Alexandre Luyet, partner Conexkt]
  • 10.00 Session 2: SlowTravel [Morgane Pféfferlé, cofounder Travelise / Christian Ziorjen, destination
    director Zermatt / Jérome Salamin, innovation and digital transformation, Cimark
  • 11.00 Session 3: SlowFood / Drink [Ludovic Orts, cofounder Opaline / David Bonjour, cofounder Hoppy
    People / Cyrill Kressibucher, head of sales Whitefrontier
  • 11.50 Conclusion [Sandrine Julen, hotelier hotel Zermatt]
Mastermind Zermatt

Mastermind: Plastic Roads


Have you heard of Zermatt’s plastic roads? A Scottish company has revolutionized the way of making roads, by adding recycled plastic waste granules into the asphalt mix. Do you want to hear all about this idea and meet Kirk Tinham who initiated this project?

Then join our Mastermind at PuraWorka to inspire, learn and create further ideas against plastic pollution together.


Free entry, ☕ coffee on us! Registration on FB Event.

Location: Comina Office, Tempel 9, behind Zermatters office. 

When: 4th September, 18:00 – 19:00

More info: +41 79 539 24 01


Mastermind: Women Entrepreneurship and Gender Equality


PuraWorka Mastermind is back in Zermatt! These series of small events bring creative minds together to discuss businesses, projects, and passions. The aim is to inspire, learn and create further ideas together. On the 28th of August, we would like to invite you to exchange upon  Women Entrepreneurship and Gender Equality. Our keynote speakers are Anne-Sophie Thilo and Sue Hirschi, inspiring women who just ascended the Matterhorn! 


The Mastermind will be held over lunch, we welcome you to bring your own packed lunch. Please limit plastic waste ♻️. 

Free entry, ☕ coffee on us! Registration on FB Event

Location: Comina Office next to Steiger & Cie, Tempel 9. 

When: 28th August, 12:30 – 13:30

More info: +41 79 539 24 01  


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A Huge Success – PuraMind Zermatt [26-28 April 2k19]

It all started with a simple idea and ended up in a full weekend with plenty of inspiring connections, fun moments and creating ideas for a better future – short the first edition of PuraMind was a great success!

To our (nice) surprise it was dumping snow (end of April!) on Friday morning. This meant last minute change management. Anyways – this didn’t stop us, we moved our planned welcome-drinks inside into our new summer CoWorking Location at Comina Office in the heart of Zermatt. As soon as the first guests arrived, drinks as well as conversations started to flow. Like minded people easily connected, the apéro took off- music sparked and the group decided to go for dinner together.. Everyone though stayed quite calm since..



Saturday morning began very active! For some, an adventurous Fatbike ride with Beat Habegger from Fat Bike & Ski through the forests of Zermatt, for others with a firm & steady Yoga class with Anita Locher from Zermattbalance. Lastly, lucky skiers enjoyed the pow’ with Matterhorn Diamonds.

The main part of PuraMind were the talks on Saturday afternoon. In the beautiful location of Hotel Sonne the room was full, people gathered together to listen to five Keynote speeches. The guiding topic of antifragility (at the start, only clear 😀 for Neil – PuraWorka CoFounder), started to make sense with every new talk. Seeing successful speakers sharing struggles they had overcome and also listening to their vision was a true inspiration. The atmosphere in the room was hard to describe but shiny eyes spoke. It was a true moment of magic, shaping a movement.  

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After PuraWorka during the season, PuraMind during the day, it now was time for some PuraVida. The crowd moved down to Elsie’s Bar located just in front of the legendary church square of Zermatt. This cosy and authentic bar was the perfect place to spend a festive evening. After a couple of local drinks, which kept us h(o)ppy with some ‘bon vin’, a rich BBQ lit fire, conversations and new connections kept on flowing. Lots of smiley faces and a relaxed atmosphere is something we definitely keep warmly in our hearts when looking back. Young and older put on their best dancing moves as mountain and music vibes gave an end to a fantastic second day.

After (for some) quite a short night, Sunday morning surprised us with some more snow. Nicolas Fontaine (PuraWorka COO) was seen running around with coffee machines. Some early birds joined Anita Jetzer (PuraWorka Community Manager) for a connected breath and movement session before joining a colorful and delicious Brunch. After midday, PuraMind continued with the movie of Demain Genève followed by inspiring workshops lead by sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship experts.

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PuraWorka would like to give a BIG thank you to all participants, volunteers and partners for being a part of the first PuraMind! Even though our core activity is CoWorking, we see events like these as our contribution to a collective transformation and can’t wait to see what the future brings. PS: Stay posted for new PuraMind events and locations..

Watch PuraMind Zermatt’s 📸 album !

PuraMind Zermatt

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PuraMind – New inspirational Event in Zermatt


26-28. April 2019, Zermatt


PuraWorka launched the first CoWorking Space in Zermatt this winter season 2018/2019. After hosting several smaller events creating a local community, the team decided to finish the first winter season with a big bang and launches PuraMinda new inspirational event taking place from the 26’ to the 28’ April 2019.


How can you create a long lasting impact and shape a movement? With this question the new inspirational event PuraMind was created.  It stands for clear and open minds and the aim is to bring creative minds together in order to shape a movement.


Straight-to-the-point talks will be presented by pioneers from various backgrounds such as innovation, digital tourism, mobility, outdoors and (personal) growth hacking. First amazing speakers confirmed are: Sandrine Julen: Hotelier, Young Woman Entrepreneur // Natasha Robertson: Founder Bramble Ski, Haute Montagne, Lagom // Coco Tâche-Berther: Founder 7skylife & 25 years CoEditor 7sky magazin // Véronique Kanel: Spokesperson at Switzerland Tourism // Mario Julen: Alpinist, Mountain guide and Hotelier // Ludovic Orts: Founder Opaline / Montagne Alternative // Dominique Perret: Founder ISTA Avalanche Training, Freeride-Skier of the Century and many exciting speakers to come.


Stimulation discussions can change a life vision, yet workshops can put dreams into action. Innovative mentors will host workshops around themes presented the day before such as mountain tourism and entrepreneurship with sustainability as a main focus point.


To make the most of the stay of the participants PuraMind will also consist in fun spring ski sessions, deep yoga sequences, (e-)Biking and late afternoon BBQ party with yummy food and dancing tunes.


PuraMind is all about positive vibes, like-minded people and shaping a new and virtuous movement.



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