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Our 5 big learnings from our Crowdfunding campaign

A few months post-crowdfunding (where we reached the amount of 63’192CHF thanks to our 252 backers), our 2 first coworking spaces confirmed and on good way for their opening, we’re now ready to share our 5 big learnings from this experience:

  1. Prepare to be challenged like you never have before

Here is something we might have underestimated a bit. We knew it wouldn’t be an easy path but never had we thought it would take this dimension (it basically felt like a 2 months long day)!

We had read it and we’ll repeat it: preparation is key! Whether it is choosing the right platform, setting up your social media channels, warming up your friends, family and fools, media and press and of course yourself, plan everything ahead as much as you can. One thing we would definitely have done if we had known was to plan an event before the launch of our campaign. This would have allowed us to explain our concept in advance as well as engaging the crowd for the start of the campaign as this time is crucial. If you already get the support of your close community, things will then go much smoother as you will already have gained credibility thanks to their early input.

  1. Communicate, communicate and communicate

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, press, tv, family dinners, telepathy, smoke signs or aperos, take all opportunities you have to communicate about your project! You need to get people talking about what you do, as much as you can! This is a time where you should be taking part to all kind of events. Forget about your usual Sunday afternoon cornflakes&Netflix session, this is your time to get out there, meet as many people as possible and get them talking! Make sure you select and create relevant content, that will get people curious about your project!

  1. Be a good Worka but don’t forget about the “Pura”!

Crowdfunding can be very stressful and high in emotions. Make sure you balance your work with some lifestyle to get you going all the way through! Eat well, rest and take some time to do what you love and what makes you feel alive!

  1. Keep faith, no matter what!

As said above, crowdfunding will make you go through an emotional roller coaster. Half way through we hadn’t reached our target. People around us were even being pretty pessimistic and at some point we did have doubts. Was it the right platform? Is it the right timing? Is it really worth it? Yes, yes and yes! Don’t let those kind of negative thoughts take over, you’re in there so you better give your best till the end and the outcome will just be what it has to be. And remember, there is always a plan B. Define it and pivot if you have to.

  1. Don’t forget to celebrate!

There is always a reason to celebrate and this should not be underestimated! A new backer? Ohhhh yeahhh baby, time to cheers! Don’t let the gap between where you’re at and your end goal ruin those little pleasures. Make the most of each single moment as they are all unique and worth celebrating!


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Photo by Ben White on Unsplash