About us

Founded by doers, professionals, athletes and adventurers

Yes, we dreamt up the perfect way to work.

We know you have a deep longing, a desire and we want to reveal it; and not only will we push it to come out, but we’ll help you structure it; make it look normal and design it with precision. Trust us, this is a good thing. Get rid of your guilt. Let us introduce you to PuraWorka, a positive disruption through the perfect combination of work and life style.

This is the answer to the growing gig economy and the digital revolution.

Forget corporate HQs and the dictatorship of your kitchen’s fridge – the most beautiful spots on earth may well become your next CoWorking office — Bonus, it also has its side benefits.

A mission, a vision and a whole lot of passion.

Our mission is to shape work towards an art of living by giving people access to ecosystem services in beautiful co-working destinations around the world.

Our vision is to leverage the digital revolution to foster a model community based on a sustainable and collaborative economy.

Sustainability as a cornerstone

Sustainability as a cornerstone means that we do everything in our power to stay vigilant and pro-active in the protection of our environment, such as:

Inclusion & local employment; sustainable building & operations; responsible sourcing of products & services; renewable energy; intelligent water management; smart mobility & carbon offsetting; waste management & circular economy; and finally local & healthy food.


Cédric Ferreira

Cédric Ferreira

Office Coordinator

Cedric is a passionate professional in project development in communication, having acquired his skills through the Business Team Academy. His specialty lies in creating value and project management, working on strategic and operational mandates.

Pierre Bossetti

Pierre Bossetti

Marketing digital

Pierre Bossetti is responsible for the overall boosting of the PuraWorka Community. Pierre loves digital marketing and the implementation of digital solutions to facilitate the way of working. Pierre shares his passion for entrepreneurship through Instagram Ignorant Fertile.

Neil Beecroft

Neil Beecroft


During his studies, Neil co-created a company, specialised in high-end holidays. He pursued his career in the organisation of mega-sporting events. With PuraWorka, Neil aims to initiate a positive disruption in the way people work, sourcing a balanced lifestyle.

Nicolas Fontaine

Nicolas Fontaine

Chief Operating Officer

Nico is the one to whom one can entrust all type of tasks. After studying garden design, he launched his first company. Then, in parallel, he developed Dionysia, a circular economy project that consists in wine barrels upcycling to create furniture. Co-founder of an NGO in the city of Sierre, he spreads there urban gardens.


We’d like to thank everybody who supports us including :

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