Coliving Lombok

Stay longer in Lombok by experiencing a coliving lifestyle.

Coliving Lombok

Stay longer in Lombok by experiencing a coliving lifestyle.

PuraWorka’s coliving in Lombok

We offer a unique concept of coliving in Lombok. We are partnering with Dome Lombok  to open this space within a beautiful tropical climate. Stay in our coliving space to be near the ocean and close to all the activities of the region. Plus you can work directly from our coliving space.

Get your bike to access top surfing destinations, bring along your yoga mat or hiking shoes. Whether you are a surfing beginner or a pro, you can access insane spots in south Lombok.

Not far from Gerupuk, Kuta Lombok is also another popular destination where you can enjoy tasty food and social time.

Discover & explore Lombok

Our mission is to shape work towards an art of living by giving people access to ecosystem services in beautiful coworking destinations around the world.

Our vision is to leverage the digital revolution to foster a model community based on a sustainable and collaborative economy.

Our « à la carte » Services are Customized & Sustainable according to Surrounding Elements. Decide  which Add-Ons you wish such comfy Accommodation & Coliving, thrilling Sports and Culture, tasty Food & Beverages, stimulating Workshops, Secure Transport and Much MORE.

Surf, yoga and work in our coliving in Lombok

PuraWorka coliving Lombok and Dome Village resort are located on the south-eastern part of Lombok, Indonesia fantastically situated on a hilltop overlooking two bays and the most beautiful white sand beach in southern Lombok. The lush, green hillside spreads out over 6000m2. The views are phenomenal. The sunsets are magical. And the white sand beach of fabled Tanjungn Aan, with mellow surfing waves, diving site,  and cozy local beach restaurants, is only a short walk away.

While enjoying your leisure time, exchange with local or international coworkers or like minded people.

The perfect coliving space in Lombok

Our accomodations offer state of the art eco-friendly coliving facilities, along with locally sourced food and beverages, high speed WIFI.

Mix leasure and work in the beautiful destination of Lombok.

With PuraWorka facilities your stay will be wonderful !

coliving lombok

Stay at the Eco Dome

Uniquely designed Earth Bag villa – The Dome – is located on the south-eastern part of Lombok, fantastically situated on a hilltop overlooking two bays and the most beautiful white sand beach in southern Lombok.
Eco friendly Dome, with outdoor kitchen and roof terrace. The Dome is a self-contained villa surrounded by lush green permaculture gardens.


Prices are per person.

    150 CHF
    300 CHF
    1200 CHF

Be amazed by our coliving Lombok

Firstly, you will enjoy living in a unique space as our coliving space in Lombok is located in Dome Lombok Resort.

What is a coliving?

Coliving, also known as co-living, is a new trend of living for digital nomads. It’s a new way to be part of a community. Coliving is the idea of sharing a house with other people who have the same mindset and goals as you. Coliving is about being comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s about growing as a human being and living a healthy lifestyle.

A place to meet liked minded people

Coliving is a place for people who don’t want to be alone and don’t want to settle for the usual lifestyles of their home countries. Coliving is a place for people who don’t want to grow old in their own homes, but at the same time don’t want to live in a shared apartment with a bunch of people they don’t know and don’t want to know. Coliving is a place for people who want to live with people who are like-minded and have the same goals.

Lombok is a perfect destination

If you have never heard of this island, you are probably wondering why you should visit Lombok. Well, there are a lot of reasons why you should visit Lombok, and we are going to talk about them in the following paragraphs.

White sand beaches

Lombok is famous for its white sand beaches and picturesque landscapes. The island is also the gateway to the rest of the Gili Islands located in the North Lombok Regency, which are located northwest of the island. Lombok, also known as “the island of a thousand hills”, is a part of the greater island of Sumbawa in Indonesia.

Hike the mount Rinjani

The mountains of Lombok offer beautiful views and wonderful terrain to climb. One of the most popular mountains is Mount Rinjani, which has a height of 3,726 meters. Sumbawa is Indonesia’s ninth largest island, located in the westernmost reaches of the Lesser Sunda Islands. The island is also home to Mount Rinjani (3726 m), which is a popular hiking destination, and the Rinjani National Park.

A particular island

Lombok is a special island because it is not crowded with tourists. The island has beautiful beaches and mountains. Lombok is one of the islands of the Indonesian archipelago, lies in the West Nusatenggara Islands. It was part of the Majapahit Kingdom since the 14th century.

Best spots to surf in Lombok

If you have ever been to Lombok, Indonesia, you know how beautiful and amazing it is. The best surfing spots are located in the West Coast of Lombok. The best surfing spots in West Lombok are Senggigi Beach, Gili Gede and Gili Asahan. Senggigi beach is the most popular place to surf in Lombok. You can find a lot of surf shops, hotels and other facilities there. The best time to surf in Lombok is during the dry season (June to September).

Surf for beginners

The waves are great for beginners. The main surf spots in Gili Gede are the village point and the southern point. The main surf spot in Gili Asahan is the southern point. You can rent surfing equipment in Senggigi. The other option is to take a boat trip.

Book our coliving in Lombok to be in the middle of the jungle

Experience something unique by living in the middle of the jungle for a few days, weeks or months.

Finally we recommend you to visit our coliving space in Sion if you want a coliving experience in Switzerland.

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