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ONLINE PuraMind Zermatt 2020: UnConference on SlowLife ✅

Launched by PuraWorka at the end of 2019 and prior to the crisis, the PuraMind 2020 theme ‘SlowLife’ was more than ever topical. Due to the current situation, in less than 10days, the face-to-face event pivoted online. 

On the 24th of April 2020, PuraWorka hosted an epic webinar thanks to the team who tirelessly worked on the preparation. Even though that was a jump in cold waters, sailing in rough conditions went quite smoothly. We would like to share our heartful gratitude to all panelists who took the challenge in such a short period of time, and to participants who were keen and interactive during the 4hours of the webinar. Who would have expected to last that long? The fishbowl format made time fly.

‘The Slow Living Vision is of an Earth where humankind, honoring and celebrating the profound connectedness of all people, places and living beings, gives back by co-creating mutually supportive communities, bioregions and economic systems — and where we combine the wisdom of the past with a vision for the future to ensure a balanced, fulfilling way of life for all generations to come’.

After processing analytics, they showed great results. On top of 14 panelists, more than 90 people registered to the event from 16 countries representing four continents. Please find recap’ charts as well as the industry they represented. 


Country 1 1 Industry 1







To ReLive it again, check out the FB Video Link

08:00 Intro+Pilates 💪

09:00 SlowLife + New Organisational models 💻

10.00 SlowTourism 🌏

11.00 SlowFood [Drink]🍺

11.50 Conclusion

Interesting Polls results and pictures of the event can be found here:

Will you want to continue working remotely post confinement 1PuraMind2020 1




Until Face-to-face events can come back to normal, PuraWorka’s 1hour MasterMind formats may pursue the SlowLife theme, next one could well be SlowFashion. 

Keep posted and stay healthy AF

The PuraWorka Team

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A Huge Success – PuraMind Zermatt [26-28 April 2k19]

It all started with a simple idea and ended up in a full weekend with plenty of inspiring connections, fun moments and creating ideas for a better future – short the first edition of PuraMind was a great success!

To our (nice) surprise it was dumping snow (end of April!) on Friday morning. This meant last minute change management. Anyways – this didn’t stop us, we moved our planned welcome-drinks inside into our new summer CoWorking Location at Comina Office in the heart of Zermatt. As soon as the first guests arrived, drinks as well as conversations started to flow. Like minded people easily connected, the apéro took off- music sparked and the group decided to go for dinner together.. Everyone though stayed quite calm since..



Saturday morning began very active! For some, an adventurous Fatbike ride with Beat Habegger from Fat Bike & Ski through the forests of Zermatt, for others with a firm & steady Yoga class with Anita Locher from Zermattbalance. Lastly, lucky skiers enjoyed the pow’ with Matterhorn Diamonds.

The main part of PuraMind were the talks on Saturday afternoon. In the beautiful location of Hotel Sonne the room was full, people gathered together to listen to five Keynote speeches. The guiding topic of antifragility (at the start, only clear 😀 for Neil – PuraWorka CoFounder), started to make sense with every new talk. Seeing successful speakers sharing struggles they had overcome and also listening to their vision was a true inspiration. The atmosphere in the room was hard to describe but shiny eyes spoke. It was a true moment of magic, shaping a movement.  

JOSH6951 1


After PuraWorka during the season, PuraMind during the day, it now was time for some PuraVida. The crowd moved down to Elsie’s Bar located just in front of the legendary church square of Zermatt. This cosy and authentic bar was the perfect place to spend a festive evening. After a couple of local drinks, which kept us h(o)ppy with some ‘bon vin’, a rich BBQ lit fire, conversations and new connections kept on flowing. Lots of smiley faces and a relaxed atmosphere is something we definitely keep warmly in our hearts when looking back. Young and older put on their best dancing moves as mountain and music vibes gave an end to a fantastic second day.

After (for some) quite a short night, Sunday morning surprised us with some more snow. Nicolas Fontaine (PuraWorka COO) was seen running around with coffee machines. Some early birds joined Anita Jetzer (PuraWorka Community Manager) for a connected breath and movement session before joining a colorful and delicious Brunch. After midday, PuraMind continued with the movie of Demain Genève followed by inspiring workshops lead by sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship experts.

SD Schlup PuraMind Zermatt 2019 080 1


PuraWorka would like to give a BIG thank you to all participants, volunteers and partners for being a part of the first PuraMind! Even though our core activity is CoWorking, we see events like these as our contribution to a collective transformation and can’t wait to see what the future brings. PS: Stay posted for new PuraMind events and locations..

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