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PuraMind Zermatt OnLine 2020 #SlowLife: a theme that became relevant more than ever! Theme 2020: SlowLife

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At the end of 2019, before the world and our society took a new turn, the StartUp PuraWorka had already decided to opt
for SlowLife as the main thread of the event PuraMind 2020. The concept SlowLife seeks to decelerate the pace of our
modern life, at best becoming aware of its acceleration [FastLife].
This year online!

PuraMind 2020, initially planned over a whole weekend at the CoWorking PuraWorka of the new Hotel Mama Zermatt, had
to take a digital turn and will be held online in a shortened, and not faster, version on the morning of April 24, 2020.
The speakers, all entrepreneurs will discuss the integration of the concept SlowLife into their professional activities as well
as its “acceleration” during the current crisis. Nothing better to start the day than a Pilates session to boost your immune
system and breathe better.

PuraMind will then jump directly into the matter with the integration of the concept into new
organisational and working methods. The following session will deal with a key economic sector through SlowTourism.

Then, during times of Skyperos, participants will start being hungry with SlowFood, SlowDrink currently not conceptualised.
In conclusion, Sandrine Julen, Zermatt hotelier, will draw up lessons learned from the morning. Having grown up in Valais
and then traveled around the world, Sandrine Julen represents a generation coming from a family of mountaineers who
became entrepreneurs, now looking for a balance between these two notions of Fast / SlowLife.

For PuraMind 2020 online, Neil Beecroft, c-founder of PuraWorka, wishes to maintain and promote a strong interaction
between speakers and participants through the format ‘FishBowl’, a form of dialogue that can be used to exchange on
subjects in large groups, to discover this Friday, April 24, from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m CET.

PuraMind 2020 has already reached its goal of gathering as much from Valais, Switzerland and all around the
world. This became real through the current acceleration of digitalisation.


In order to participate in discussions on SlowLife,
don’t hesitate to join the debates, agenda below.
[Free] registrations

Friday April 24, 2020

  • 08:00 CET Introduction by PuraWorka [Neil Beecroft, Nicolas Fontaine, Juliantara i Wayan]
  • 08.05 Pilates session [Anita Locher, founder Zermatt Balance]
  • 09.00 Session 1: SlowLife and new organisational models [ Sophie Pogneau, founder Swiss Slow Life /
    Elisabete Fernandes, artistic director Loyco / Alexandre Luyet, partner Conexkt]
  • 10.00 Session 2: SlowTravel [Morgane Pféfferlé, cofounder Travelise / Christian Ziorjen, destination
    director Zermatt / Jérome Salamin, innovation and digital transformation, Cimark
  • 11.00 Session 3: SlowFood / Drink [Ludovic Orts, cofounder Opaline / David Bonjour, cofounder Hoppy
    People / Cyrill Kressibucher, head of sales Whitefrontier
  • 11.50 Conclusion [Sandrine Julen, hotelier hotel Zermatt]